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Top 7 Reasons for Preventive Maintenance on Injection Molding Machines

Preventive maintenance ensures reliable operation and safety of the injection molding machine. Properly implemented, this maintenance strategy can minimize the need for reactive maintenance and optimize operational processes.

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Why is preventive maintenance important for horizontal injection molding machines?

1: Protection of personnel and injection molding machines

An important objective of our customers is to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the production of their company’s injection molding machine equipment. To minimize the risk and severity of an accident or machine failure, regularly evaluating all safety measures is an important part of preventive maintenance. This safety check is the first and most important reason for choosing preventive maintenance.

2: Reduce the maintenance cost of injection molding machine

Do you want your manufacturing equipment to be trouble-free for as long as possible?As part of preventive maintenance, preventive measures delay wear, increase functionality, and extend machine life. Operating costs can also be reduced through predictive planning.

3: Reliable performance

Equipment that is regularly maintained operates more reliably. We recommend a professional inspection of your injection molding machine equipment by a qualified engineer at least once a year. Regular preventive maintenance reduces stress on equipment and reduces the risk of process failure, thereby increasing productivity. It includes scheduled replacement of worn parts during planned outages. This reduces downtime compared to emergency repairs.

4: Reduce the risk of accidents

Neglecting to perform certain maintenance procedures at defined intervals, such as periodic hose replacement or electrical certification, reduces the risk of an accident in the workshop.

To avoid the risk of accident or liability, we recommend systematic replacement of certain components that have exceeded the service life specified by the manufacturer.Another reason for choosing preventive maintenance is to reduce accidents by performing proper maintenance on a regular basis.

5: Energy efficiency

According to research, equipment that is regularly maintained is more energy efficient. Normal wear and tear can stress components over time. This results in an increase in the energy requirements of the machine. Preventive maintenance reduces component wear, which reduces energy consumption during operation.

6: Improve spare parts management

In some cases, spare parts account for half of the total maintenance cost.Another important reason for moving from reactive to preventive maintenance is the opportunity to minimize the frequency of failures of complex components and systems.

7: Record

All system repairs, maintenance, spare parts and services should be documented and kept up to date so that you can access complete documentation of your equipment maintenance history. As part of preventive maintenance, all work performed on your injection molding machine should be documented.