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What are the preparations before injection molding?

Understand the preparation work before starting and injection molding, so as to better understand, use and maintain the injection molding machine. Developing good injection molding operation habits is of great benefit to improve the life of injection molding machine and production safety.

Before starting the injection molding machine, it is necessary to conduct a preliminary inspection of the injection molding machine, check whether various safety devices are effective, check whether each travel switch is normal, check the amount of lubricating oil, and lubricate the injection machine.

injection molding machine

What must be done before starting the injection molding machine?

① Check whether there is water and oil in the electrical control box. If the electrical components are damp, do not start the machine. The electrical components should be dried by the maintenance personnel before starting the machine.

② Check whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements, generally not more than 15%.

③ Check whether the emergency stop switch and the front and rear safety door switches are normal. Verify whether the rotation direction of the motor and the oil pump is consistent. Check each electrical connector for looseness.

④ Check whether the cooling pipes are smooth, and introduce cooling water into the oil cooler and the cooling water jacket at the end of the charging barrel.

⑤ Check whether there is lubricating oil (grease) at each moving part, and add enough lubricating oil.

⑥ Turn on the electric heating switch to heat each section of the charging barrel. When the temperature of each section reaches the requirement, the temperature is kept for a period of time to stabilize the temperature of the injection molding machine. The holding time varies according to the requirements of different equipment and plastic raw materials.

⑦ Add enough plastic into the hopper. According to the requirements of injection molding different plastics, some raw materials need to be dried first.

⑧ The heat shield on the charging barrel shall be covered, which can not only save electric energy, but also prolong the service life of the electric heating coil and the current contactor.