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Plastics Testing-Desktop Injection Molding Machine

M08-Desktop Injection Molding Machine

On the basis of M03, in order to meet the needs of more customers for large-scale color masterbatch and performance testing of engineering plastics, we have developed a new model M08.

Main parameters:

Screw diameter (mm) 30 mm
Heating zones3
Cooling zone1
Capacity modulus (mm)150 * 150 * 130mm
Injection volume (G)  10 ~ 200g
Mold opening stroke (mm) 100mm
Diameter of clamping screw (mm)40mm
Motor Model110 Stepping
Clamping force (ton)8T
Machine size (mm) 1300 * 350 * 480mm
Machine weight (kg) 146kg
Power supply for equipment operation (V) AC220V
Desktop Injection Molding Machine
Desktop Injection Molding Machine

The main features of Desktop Injection Molding Machine:

  • Specially designed screw for improved plasticization
  • Small size, easy operation, low investment and maintenance cost
  • For professional, so for excellence

M08 injection molding machine is specially designed for masterbatch and engineering plastic suppliers. Raw materials to be tested include but are not limited to PA, PC, ABS, TPU, PET, PS, PP, HDPE, LDPE, PBT. PPS, PA, PPO, PMMA. This kind of testing plastic injection molding machine is widely used. You can send samples to us for free testing before you order the injection molding machine, and you can buy this machine with complete confidence. You can also send us the size of the color plate, we can design the mold for you according to your requirements, and recommend the most suitable injection molding machine for you.


  1. A college for the purpose of teaching.
  2. The college studies new raw materials for high polymers and modified plastics for laboratory testing.
  3. Manufacturers of color masterbatches, testing their products for dispersion and plasticization for laboratory testing purposes
  4. Color masterbatch seller, match colors and test colors for customers.
  5. Engineering plastic suppliers test their raw material performance samples according to GB, ISO, UL or ASTM standards, such as TS, FS, Izod impact, HTD, VST, hardness, combustion performance, etc.