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Plastic Injection Molding Machine For Small Batch Production

Tianshiwei’s small plastic injection molding machine may be the ideal solution for your business needs. It is ideally suited for the prototyping needs of plastic-molded products, so it is suitable for part-time work, toy development, lab prototyping, and other one-time or short-term needs.

Technical parameters of small plastic injection molding machine:

Screw diameter(mm)20mm30mm
Heating zone3 个3 个
Cooling zone (mold)1个1个
Capacity Modulus(mm)120x120x100150x150x130
Injection volume(g)10-80g10-200g
Opening stroke(mm)100100
Diameter of clamping screw(mm)20mm40mm
Clamping force(T)3T8T
Machine Size(mm)850x350x3801300x360x480
Machine Weight(公斤)80kg146kg
Plastic Injection Molding Machine

While there are many other types of injection molding equipment available, they are generally not practical and are either expensive to start up or expensive to mold.

Your organization may need to tweak many versions of a prototype before you can produce the perfect product. If you’ve been looking for a better solution to creating product prototypes, try a Tasly small injection molding machine. The cost of this injection molding machine and mold is usually lower than that of traditional injection molding machines and molds, and it can guarantee repeatability and production efficiency in the production process.

It may not be easy to find a small plastic injection molding machine to meet your specific needs of product development and design, until you see the micro-injection molding machine manufactured by Tianshiwei. Our technicians have more than 20 years of experience. We know that many customers in China need this kind of small injection molding machine with low cost and strong enough functions. It is used to make samples in the laboratory, rapid prototyping, and small batch trial production.

We are proud to offer you a small injection molding machine with the features, precision and low acquisition costs you need. Compared with other mini injection molding machines on the market, this small injection molding machine is more convenient, practical and economical.

Our team is dedicated to helping each of our customers make thoughtful equipment choices. Evaluate your current applications and needs free of charge, at no cost. To schedule an assessment with our team of experts, please contact us.