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Miniature Desktop Injection Molding Machine

Desktop injection molding machine

Parameters of desktop injection molding machine:

Desktop injection molding machines M series models have many features. Based on the table below, you can evaluate the parameter differences to determine which machine model is best for your application.

Model M03 M08
Screw diameter (mm)  20mm 30 mm
Heating zones 3 3
Cooling zone 1 1
Capacity modulus (mm) 120*120*100mm 150 * 150 * 130mm
Injection volume (G)  10 ~ 80g  10 ~ 200g
Mold opening stroke (mm)  100mm 100mm
Diameter of clamping screw (mm) 20mm 40mm
Motor Model 86 Stepping 110 Stepping
Clamping force (ton) 3T 8T
Machine size (mm)  850*350*380mm 1300 * 350 * 480mm
Machine weight (kg) 80kg  146kg
Power supply for equipment operation (V)  AC220V AC220V

Features of desk top injection molding machine:

  • PLC automatic control
  • 7 ″ display control
  • Manual or automatic mode switching
  • Temperature control
  • Automatic cycle count
  • Compact structure
  • Fully functional
  • And that mould open cost is low
  • Low cost and easy operation