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Low-Volume Injection Molding: Understand Your Production Options

On-demand, low volume manufacturing is a relatively new concept in the manufacturing world. It brings about a number of dramatic changes to how engineers interact with suppliers and manufacturers. 

Traditional manufacturing involved the mass production of large-scale similar products. However, on-demand manufacturing enables low-volume, customized products such as small-scale plastic injection molding. It allows customers to get quotes in real-time and keep tabs on their orders throughout manufacture.

Key Benefits of Low-Volume Injection Molding

Shorter Lead Times

Plastic injection molding is one of the major processes in rapid manufacturing. It is a rapidly evolving model enabling faster production to market times. However, the traditional process is not as fast as you would like it.

Save Costs

 low-volume injection molding often comes with much lower overheads. In this case, manufacturers can make products without demanding minimum orders. Therefore, if you’re looking to get small-batch plastic manufacturing, this can really be helpful. You will also avoid getting products from an outdated inventory. All of these translate to effective cost-saving.

Flexibility in Design

Small-scale injection molding involves manufacturing smaller quantities in the short run. Therefore, there won’t be any major impact if a company decides to modify or alter the design. That way, the product can be perfect before it gets to the consumer.

Low-Volume Injection Molding

Timswell Low-Volume Micro Injection Molding Machine

It is specially designed and developed for small factories and laboratories, which can realize the injection molding of thermoplastic parts on the basis of a small number of requirements, while taking into account the practicality and economy.

  • Typical applications are product prototyping and low volume production. This is perfect for your model shop, R & D lab, and specialized short-term production needs.
  • A Tasly micro injection molding machine can save a lot of time and money in a shorter production process, because you can use low-cost aluminum alloy molds, which can be processed in a small machine shop. And that switch of the mould is convenient and quick.
  • The same set of molds can be used to make plastic parts from different materials. It also allows you to easily control your parts inventory and shorten your lead time.
  • It is suitable for the application of most common thermoplastic materials.
  • Compact and versatile, this miniature injection molding machine can be used in most workshops or light production areas.

Many users use our micro injection molding machines for product prototyping, marketing samples, and initial and even final production. Some users move their machines between different departments in order to take full advantage of the benefits of this micro-injection molding machine when and where it is most needed.

Proven by extensive use, Tasly has a track record of providing reliable and profitable operations for many large and small companies for many years.