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How to Debug Injection Molding Machine?

Debug injection molding machine mainly includes the debugging of the whole machine, the debugging of injection device, the debugging of mold closing device and the temperature debugging.

Commissioning of overall machine performance:

  • Check the hydraulic oil in the pressure oil tank and the oil level in the oil injector to ensure that the supply of hydraulic oil and lubricating oil is sufficient, and the type of oil should meet the requirements of the instructions.
  • Turn on the main power supply, turn on the main switch on the control box, and set the operation mode selection switch to inching or manual. First, start the injection molding machine and check whether the running direction of the oil pump is correct.
  • The machine shall be started when there is no pressure in the hydraulic system, and the pressure of the hydraulic system shall be adjusted to the normal pressure after starting.
  • After the hydraulic pump works, open the cooling water valve of the oil cooler to cool the return oil and prevent the oil temperature from being too high.After the hydraulic pump works for a short time, close the safety valve and close the mold manually, and open the pressure gauge to observe whether the pressure rises.
  • When the vehicle is empty, manually operate the machine to idle for several times, and observe whether the safety door, indicator light and various valves act correctly and sensitively.
  • Check whether the relay, limit switch, counting device and main stop button work normally and reliably.
  • Carry out semi-automatic operation test run to check whether the operation is normal.

Commissioning of mold clamping device:

  • Wipe the mold clean, and then carefully and safely install it between the moving mold and the fixed mold. Adjust the stroke slider and the mold opening stroke of the moving mold plate according to the size of the plastic part.
  • Adjust the ejection mechanism to eject the molded part from the mold cavity to a predetermined distanceAdjust the clamping force according to the processing requirements. Generally, the clamping force should be adjusted to the lower limit of the required clamping force.
  • Adjust all travel switches to their respective positions, and adjust the safety device for mold closing.
  • Adjust the speed and pressure for opening and closing the die. Generally, first adjust the speed to the preselected value, and then adjust the pressure to the specified value.
  • The clamping device can only work when the safety doors on both sides of the injection molding machine are closed. Check whether the machine will stop working when the safety doors are opened.

Commissioning of injection device:

  • After the mold is closed and under low pressure, adjust the moving stroke of the injection seat so that the nozzle can push against the sprue bushing of the mold.
  • Check whether the nozzle is suitable for the material to be processed, whether the installation is smooth, and whether the flow passage in the nozzle is smooth.
  • Adjust various pressures, such as injection pressure, holding pressure, injection seat pressure and back pressure.
  • Adjust the metering stroke and anti-salivation stroke of the screw, and check whether the limit switch or sensor is sensitive and reliable.
  • Make the pre-plastic screw run idle for several seconds, listen for any abnormal mechanical noise, and check whether the opening and closing plate switch of the hopper mouth is normal.
Debug Injection Molding Machine

Injection molding machine temperature adjustment:

The temperature adjustment of the injection molding machine can be divided into three directions control of tube temperature, nozzle temperature and mold temperature.

  1. The injection molding process requires attention to tube temperature, nozzle temperature and mold temperature control. The first two temperatures mainly affect the plasticization and flow of plastics, while the latter temperature mainly affects the flow and cooling of plastics. Each plastic has a different flow temperature, the same plastic, due to different sources or grades, the flow temperature and decomposition temperature are different, which is due to the difference in average molecular weight and molecular weight distribution, plasticization of plastics in different types of injection machines The process is also different, so the color of the ink cartridges is also different.
  2. The temperature of the nozzle is usually relatively high, but a little lower than that of the barrel, which is to prevent the occurrence of salivation. The temperature of the nozzle should not be too low, otherwise it will cause premature condensation of the melt to block the nozzle, or affect the performance of the product due to the early condenser entering the cavity.
  3. The mold temperature has a great influence on the intrinsic performance and apparent quality of the product. The level of mold temperature determines the size, size and structure of plastic crystals, performance requirements and other process conditions.