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How to Adjust Guide Rail Levelness of Injection Molding Machine?

Adjustment scheme for guide rail levelness of small injection molding machine:

The standard for judging whether the levelness adjustment of the machine is qualified is to adjust the mold smoothly under the working oil pressure of not more than 7Mpa, and to move the mold smoothly under the working oil pressure of not more than 3Mpa. Please adjust according to the following steps:

  1. Make sure that the machine is at the minimum die thickness and install the adjustable washer according to the mounting hole of the main body. The number is usually 6 or 12.
  2. Place the spirit level laterally on the mechanical operating side strip or quench rail, between the mobile and adjustable forms, as close as possible to the mobile form.
  3. Coarse adjustment: adjust the adjustable sizing block on the operation side of the machine to make the bubble roughly in the center. In addition, place the level horizontally at the same position as the reverse operation side of the machine, and adjust the adjustable sizing block on this side to make the bubble roughly in the center. Rotate the level by 90 degrees and place it vertically on the steel belt or quenching rail on the positive and reverse operation sides of the machine to make it roughly in the middle. The operation method is the same as above.
  4. Fine adjustment: repeat for several times, the transverse level is about 0.5mm/m, and the longitudinal level is about 0.5mm/m.

Adjust the mold and move the mold according to the above evaluation criteria. If the requirements are met, the horizontal adjustment is qualified.

Lab Small Injection Molding

Adjustment of guide rail levelness of large injection molding machine:

  1. Before installing the machine, first clean the foundation, lift the parts 500 mm steadily from the ground, pass the anchor bolt from bottom to top, hold the flat washer, spring washer and nut, and rotate the nut so that the end face of the bolt is 3 times higher than the upper end face of the nut.
  2. Place the machine on the sizing block. After confirming that the position of the anchor bolt of the machine body is inconsistent with that of the reserved hole, close the injection molding part and the mold closing part according to the above method, and then conduct rough horizontal calibration according to the adjustment rules.
  3. After confirming the liquid level with the liquid level gauge, inject concrete into the reserved hole of the foundation and fix the anchor bolt.
  4. After a period of maintenance, confirm that the poured concrete has been solidified (the maintenance period in summer is about ten days, and the maintenance period in winter is about fifteen days), and then adjust the level of the machine body according to the adjustment. After the level is confirmed by the level measuring instrument, tighten the anchor bolts and nuts with the force lever to fix the machine.