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Fully Automatic Micro Injection Molding Machine

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With the development of miniaturization of equipment, manufacturers need innovative and more reliable methods to produce small and micro plastic components. Traditional methods of molding these parts are not satisfactory. They can be costly, inefficient, and do not provide the precision and speed that the industry demands.

You need more speed to compete in a fast-moving industry. You need agility at every step of the product cycle. How fast can you build your mold? How fast can your machine run? How quickly can you go from prototype to mass production? Can you provide good parts? How fast? How much uptime does your equipment have?

Timswell M08 series provides a better solution.

The products of fully automatic miniature injection molding machine are developed to meet the wide application of injection molding machine. Timswell offers a unique concept that features the ability to produce small “miniature and balanced molds”. Thanks to the compact design, single-phase power supply and low cooling requirements, the miniature injection molding machine can be installed on a suitable bench in any desired location, especially where molding is required to complement other production processes. Select controls via simple LCD function display or color touch screen settings to meet customer needs.