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Desktop Injection Molding Machine

Timswell has been committed to the design and manufacture of efficient, low-volume desktop injection molding machine. With facilities and capabilities geared to this goal, our extensive experience helps meet your specific needs. Our plastic mini injection molding machines are ideal for rapid prototyping, product testing, and short plastic injection molding jobs. Model shops, R & D labs, medical device manufacturers, and other industries use our products.

Desktop Injection Molding Machine

Features of Timswell Micro Desktop Injection Molding Machine:

  • Solid-state temperature controller – modular unit with digital set point and readout, 3-mode proportional and programmable control, 0-430 ° C 1/8 DIN.
  • Injection Speed Control – Used to adjust the injection speed more and more slowly when the cavity fill rate is critical.
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy construction.
  • Hardened and chrome-plated barrel.
  • Precision ground chrome-plated screws.
  • Wide 60×60 mm die plan area.
  • Available for 220V power supply
  • High-quality plastic injection molding
  • Meet short-term production needs
  • From rapid prototyping to small batch production purposes, our plastic injection molding solutions are a practical choice.

Advantages of Mini Injection Molding Machine:

Timswell’s mini injection molding machines have a small footprint and are mobile. More importantly, our injection molding machines are designed with flexibility in mind. You can easily change molds and materials as needed, and injection molding machines use many types of thermoplastic materials. When you use our injection molding machines, you save time and effort with simple setup and quick operation. Miniature injection molding machines are compact, stand alone, and compatible with most workshops or light production areas.

Given the flexibility and advantages of the Timswell Mini Injection Molding Machine, it is suitable for both small and large enterprises to meet a wide range of needs. The device is a low cost tool solution designed specifically for short term use and prototype use. You can save time and cost while meeting specific and small volume needs. What’s more, its ease of use and ability to change molds conveniently make it a suitable injection molding machine for product design and development, research and development, model shops, toy design, electronics, and more.