Lab Injection Molding Machine

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Medical Application

  • Components of hematology analyzer equipment
  • Heart pump parts
  • Orthopaedics
  • Custom kneepads
  • Fetal heartbeat monitor
  • Catheter
  • ECG and Oxygen Components

Mold Application

  • Small batch production of small toys
  • Small pendant, key chain, gadget
  • Small batch production of small plastic parts
  • All kinds of small plastic parts, samples and boards

Automotive Engineering

  • Underhood Cable Ends and Housing
  • Mechanical Lever
  • Gear
  • Small gasket
  • Prototype knob
  • Switch
  • Small grommet
  • Gasket
  • Special fasteners

Do you want to produce a small amount of small plastic parts yourself?

Laboratory injection molding machine

Fully automatic desktop lab injection molding machine. Specifically designed to help creators, manufacturers, prototypers, artisans, small businesses, schools and hobbyists produce small plastic parts in small batches in a short amount of time. Sleeker, stronger and faster than 3D printing.

We supply Laboratory injection molding machines with small size and low plastic consumption, and develop injection molding technology for precision micro plastic parts. Collaborative development and mass production in the fields of medical parts, precision electronics, connectors, small gears, small toys, small pendants, and wearable devices.

Play a key role in the setup of the customer’s C2m integrated automated flexible production process. Its advantages are: integrated production line for one-stop automated flexible production, which can reduce inventory costs and maximize production efficiency, modularization to achieve flexible production and rapid line change production, production line big data and real-time monitoring to meet the needs of industry 4.0.

Laboratory injection molding machine

Timswell also customize the production of small batches of small plastic parts according to customer needs, and can also customize small molds for our lab injection molding machine customers.