Lab Injection Molding Machine

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Application of Lab Injection Molding Machine

Solutions for sample production

Timswell’s lab injection molding machine may be just the right solution for your business needs. This miniature injection molding machine is perfectly suited to the plastic molding needs of sample making and product development, and is therefore suitable for part-time work, toy development, and other one-off or short-term needs.

While there are many other types of injection molding equipment available, they are generally less practical and cost effective. Your business may need to tweak multiple versions of a prototype sample before producing the perfect product. In this way, you can more efficiently make small batches of products for users to try before you finalize the release of the product.

If you’ve been looking for a better prototype creation solution, try a tabletop small injection molding machine from Tianshiwei. Injection molding machines and molds typically cost less than traditional molds and give you more control and privacy during production.

Lab injection molding machines with low injection volume are ideal for your product development and design. You may be looking for a low-volume small injection molding machine that meets your specific needs for product development and design. We know that many customers have limited operational needs, such as rapid prototyping, development of proprietary products, and so on. We are proud to offer you a low injection volume micro injection molding machine with the versatility and economy you want.

Lab Injection Molding Machine

Medical applications

Some users manufacture custom connectors for medical and diagnostic devices. The equipment is simple to operate, easy to access, and suitable for economical tool and operator operations (loading inserts, unloading parts) for these small batch applications. In the medical industry, the development of new products requires extensive testing and documentation prior to approval. Our solutions are ideal for newly designed and developed medical devices, including injection molding of plastic parts that require confidentiality and extensive testing for approval.

  • Components of hematology analyzer equipment
  • Heart pump parts
  • Orthopaedics
  • Custom kneepads
  • Fetal heartbeat monitor
  • Catheter
  • ECG and Oxygen Components

Automotive Engineering

A myriad of molding applications can be developed at a lower cost. The cost of Tianshiwei’s micro-injection molding machine and mold is usually lower than that of traditional mold.

  • Underhood Cable Ends and Housing
  • Mechanical Lever
  • Gear
  • Small gasket
  • Prototype knob
  • Switch
  • A small grommet
  • Gasket
  • Special fasteners

Teaching and research and development

The Timswell mini lab injection molding machine is a compact plastic injection molding machine, which has proved to be an ideal teaching equipment for industrial and vocational schools, as well as a valuable laboratory instrument for professional and research centers. Timswell introduces an “easy” way to learn the main principles of modern plastic injection molding technology. The thermoplastic molding process can be demonstrated using virtually all available resin materials. Micro injection molding machines are able to use simple molds and unmounted molds, which provides an economical way to teach and test mold making in the machine shop and to make experimental engineering parts. Its compactness and portability provide a means of presenting with minimal space in a convenient location.

Simple power requirements (220 volt power) allow for easy setup and operation in most classroom and workshop areas with low operating costs. Originally designed for prototype and specialized short-term production, the industry often uses Tasly’s experimental injection molding machines to mold parts such as precision gears, heart valve assemblies, electronic packaging, quality control samples, and much more.