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How To Adjust The Clamping Force Of Small Injection Molding Machine?

Small injection molding machine in practical application, mainly widely used in plastic products industry. However, when the injection molding machine is in use, it will encounter the problem of adjusting the clamping force, which is not only related to whether the machine can produce normally and whether the products produced meet the requirements, but also more importantly, the correct adjustment of the clamping force of the machine can prolong the service life of the machine. Then, how to adjust the clamping force of small injection molding machine?

Small injection molding machine

Clamping force adjustment of small injection molding machine:

1. Turn off the mold lifting device switch, adjust the mold thickness until both sides of the mold begin to be fixed, and then turn off the mold lifting device switch.

2. Operate the mold opening manually until the mold opening is completed, start the mold adjusting device, reduce the mold thickness, generate the mold adjusting force, cut off the mold adjusting device, and perform the slow mold adjustment operation. The reduction in die thickness is proportional to the resulting die force, but if the die thickness is reduced too much, the die cannot be locked, so the die thickness must be reduced step by step.

3.3Repeat the adjustment operation of 2 above until the winch and the guide column generate enough clamping force. The clamping force is not too high. As long as the injection parts and products can not generate flash during injection molding, the service life of the machine can be guaranteed.

4. During the operation of adjusting the clamping force, the fast clamping shall not be used.

5. At the moment when the low pressure mold locking stop travel switch is released and the mold locking stop travel switch is pressed, the pressure gauge will indicate the working pressure value of the mold locking cylinder during mold locking action. The display time is very short, which is also the reason why the fast mold locking cannot be used.

6. The working pressure displayed is usually lower than the real pressure in the mold locking cylinder, so do not use the highest rated working pressure for mold locking operation for a long time to prolong the service life of the machine. Generally, the working pressure shown should be 80% -85% of the maximum rated pressure. For example, the maximum pressure of 145kgf/cm2 should be selected as the working pressure of 120kgf/cm2.

7. Adjustment of low pressure clamping force. In order to maintain the sensitivity of low pressure clamping, when adjusting the low pressure clamping force, the control value of the low pressure locking module is set from 00. The low pressure locking force is slightly higher than the resistance encountered during clamping, and the action of high pressure clamping can be started at the same time.