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What You Need To Know About The Injection Molding Process

Injection molding is the most important step to get the finished part after the mold is completed, and the prerequisite is the verification of the injection mold. Suitable drying resin, suitable injection molding machine, experienced process engineer. Injection molding is the process of pressing the molten plastic into the mold with an injection molding machine and obtaining the desired shape of the plastic part after cooling. Compared with other processing methods, injection molding has high efficiency and high production efficiency. It has strict requirements on the mold structure and injection molding machine, and is mainly used for mass production of injection parts.

Plunger cylinder/screw cylinder commonly used in injection molding machine. Injection molding process: the resin is dried to the required temperature within 2 ~ 4 hours, the plastic raw material is added into the barrel from the hopper, the plunger starts to rotate, the plastic raw material is pushed into the heating barrel, then through the bypass shuttle, the molten plastic enters the mold cavity through the nozzle, and then water or oil is made to pass through the designed cooling system to cool the mold, so as to obtain the plastic product.Injection molded parts usually require proper treatment of the mold cavity to eliminate the stress generated in the molding process, good dimensional stability and performance.

There are a lot of products that are produced by injection molding, most of which are items that we use regularly in our office or home, industrial applications, automotive, medical, etc. It greatly improves the production efficiency and makes low-cost production a reality.

The main advantages of plastic injection molding are low cost and high speed. Unlike the “cutting” manufacturing process, injection molding reduces the likelihood of unwanted sharp edges. The process produces a smooth finished product without further processing. The injection molding process is not only simpler and more reliable than other methods, but also extremely efficient.

injection molding process
injection molding process

Advantages of the injection molding process:

Fast and efficient: Compared to other methods, the plastic injection molding process is extremely fast, and the high productivity makes it the best choice. The process is even more efficient and cost effective. Once the injection mold is designed to specification, the actual molding process is very fast compared to other molding methods, allowing more parts to be made from a single mold. The manufacturing speed depends on the complexity of the mold design, but only about 15 to 30 seconds elapse on average between cycle times.

Complexity of part design: Injection molding can handle extremely complex parts and consistency, as well as the ability to make millions of nearly identical parts. Because plastic injection molds are subjected to extremely high pressures, a great deal of detail can be added to the part design.

Waste reduction: a high-volume injection molding company with a shared commitment to quality, sustainability, and optimal safety. The benefit to the environment is that only the required amount of plastic is used to make the parts. Recycling excess plastic benefits the environment and minimizes waste.

Lower labor costs: Much of the injection molding process is automated and controlled by a single operator or mold technician. This keeps labor costs to a minimum. Molding equipment is often run with self-gating, automated tools to keep operations streamlined and production ongoing, requiring minimal supervision.

Strength: While it is possible to use fillers in injection molds, these fillers reduce the density of the plastic as it is being molded and help increase its finished strength after the molding process. Finding the right balance of design considerations determines the part’s need for strength and stability. Over the years, the strength and durability of plastics have improved. Modern lightweight thermoplastics can withstand even the harshest environments.

Variety of materials and colors: Choosing the right materials and colors for a project are two essential factors in creating plastic parts. One mold can produce many variations of your product. Colors and material types are relatively easy to change in an injection molding machine.