Lab Injection Molding Machine

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Laboratory Injection Molding Machine

Timswell’s M-Series is the laest globally available servo mini injection molding machine, which is a true culmination of high effeciency, consistency and globally engineered technology.

Lab injection Moulding Machine

Lab injection Molding Machine

Meet the mold test – Timswell’s mini plastic injection molding machine is ideal for rapid plastic molding, product testing, market promotional gifts and other short-cycle plastic injection molding orders. This kind of mini injection molding machine is used in model workshops, industrial research and development laboratories, medical equipment manufacturers, toy development and other industries.

Timswell’s mini laboratory injection molding machines are widely used throughout the Pearl River Delta and even East Asian countries. Micro injection molding machines are designed to be fast, easy to use, and more affordable than using more powerful regular injection molding machines. From rapid prototyping to short cycle production purposes, Timswell’s plastic injection molding solutions are a practical choice. We offers a variety of models to meet the unique needs of customers.

Timswell's Advantages

  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Rugged stainless steel body and hard anodized aluminum rack construction
  • All-electric waterless cooling system
  • Full-automatic precision sensor
  • Injection speed control to ensure cavity filling rate
  • Adopt electronic temperature control system
  • Touch screen for easy operation and control
  • Each injection cycle does not exceed 60 seconds (the tool opens and ejects the part every 60 seconds)

Why choose us

Why choose Timswell’s lab injection molding machine?

Small Size Model – It is a real desktop injection molding machine, with all the functions of ordinary injection molding machine. The Timswell’s Micro Injection Molding Machine can be placed on almost any workbench and only needs a basic 220V wall AC socket to operate, but its ability to manufacture parts far exceeds that of making rough prototype plastic parts by 3D printing or universal milling machine methods.

High Accuracy and Repeatability – Smaller does not mean less capability. Our lab injection molding machine uses the latest precision control and repeatability technology.

Low Acquisition Cost – The Mini Injection Molding Machine is an easy to maintain, affordable desktop mini injection molding machine for R & D labs and small production shops.

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